Upcoming News for Southland

Andrew White

I just wanted to take a few minutes and write a short blog post about what's been going on lately with Southland and where things are headed in the near future.

Some of this post was covered in an email I sent out earlier today, so sorry for any overlapping that may happen.

To wind things all the way back to the beginning, I started the brand back during Christmas break in 2013 while I was a sophomore at The University of Tennessee. Over the next couple of years, I ran the company out of dorm rooms, college houses, and my parent's garage while I was home during breaks in the school year.

After graduating with an English degree, I enrolled in a UT's MBA program. During the couple of years I was in business school, the time I had to devote to Southland was limited and new releases for the brand have been less frequent since then.

All this backstory said, I'm happy to say that great things are on the horizon for the brand. I recently brought new partners into the business -- who are also conveniently my parents. Getting to work more closely and spending more time with them is a huge bonus as I see it, and I'm excited for that.

In the near future, a slew of new products will hit the store. Many will feel familiar if you're already acquainted with the brand, but the new stuff will take things in a more streamlined stylistic direction. I can't wait to show the new products off.

As always, thanks for choosing to be a part of the Southland family.


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